Very much appreciated…with or without awards!

Peace With My Life

reader-appreciation-award1If you’ve visited Mix & Match Meme, you’ve discovered an eclectic mix of songs, poems, and illustrations that are delightfully varied. I like a lot of variety in my reading material, and I can always count on Meme to provide me something new. Sometimes it’s silly, sometimes serious, always unexpected – and I like that. Meme had a crisis of faith a few months back – blogging is so much work. Is it worth it? I’m glad that she decided that it was worth it. I believe that the creative drive we express is when we are closest to God/Goddess, the ultimate creator(s).

On August 26th, Mix & Match Meme nominated Peace With My Life  for the Reader

Appreciation Award. Unfortunately, I was leaving town for business that day and was without my computer for a week and couldn’t respond immediately.  My how time has flown! But I…

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