Escape the Rut of Feeling Stuck in Life

book cover

by Guy Finley

Key Lesson: Regardless of appearance in any given unwanted moment, you are never “stuck” in a situation; rather, you are only a temporary captive of what you’ve yet to understand about your own consciousness.

Learn to Be New and Live in the Now

It is never the unwanted condition itself that has us stuck; it is that we are unknowingly hung up in habitual thoughts and feelings about our situation. To be new and live in the Now we must learn to see our lives from the part of us that knows our True Nature is not created to be a captive of anything!

Our awareness of the troubled thoughts and feelings roaming through us is the power that keeps their harmful and self-limiting influences from having control over us. Their aim is to get us to define ourselves by identifying with their dark and defiling energies. Our aim is to remember that who we really are cannot be confined by dark thoughts or feelings any more than the light from a bulb can be contained in its glass!

As with all true spiritual exercises, we must approach them with great intention and persistence. The habitual dark states that have been misguiding us up to now will not give up their place at the steering wheel of our soul without struggle.

Never mind any setbacks that you may experience as you put forth these new inner efforts. Let go of any dark definition of yourself about to be draped over you. Just stand there, in the Now, within the light of your awareness and allow your newly awakened state to give you its identity. Then be still; just watch. Be the new you that sees the moment as it is — instead of being deceived into seeing what that false I wants you to see so that it can go on stealing your life!

Your part is to drop whatever would define and limit you by bringing yourself back into the great and unconditioned Now where all is one. The Truth will handle the rest.


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