NOTE: Dag-nag-it…those pesky gremlins…:)

Astronomy and Law

As I was looking at my posts this last week, I noticed something strange.  It seems that the December 11th post had a title and a picture and nothing else.  Well I can assure you that I actually did write a blog post, so here it is again.  Dang WordPress gremlins! This post has taken me three days and as many operating systems to get posted (I am nothing if not diligent), but really WP, these “improvements” are killing me.

Ok, so if you have trouble finding the perfect gift for your child/princess/cowboy/astronaut xUmp may have the answer.


When I was growing up, all I had to satisfy my scientific curiosity was watching Mr. Wizard and hoping mom did not notice some of the strange markings left in the pots and pans.

Ahhhh, I longed to be able to mix real chemical and blow something up! (not really, but my…

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