Enchanted Empowerment by Inominandum

Enchanted Empowerment: The Quest for the Mantle of Wonder Woman

Posted on December 12, 2012 by Inominandum

The following is a true story from my friend Gwendolyn Reece involving Athena, the quest for superpowers, and a seriously awesome Christmas gift. Gwen has been kind enough to let me publish it here for your enjoyment and inspiration this season.

Black Crow takes Flight...in lieu of Super Woman
Black Crow takes Flight…in lieu of Super Woman


I am not sure when I developed such certainty; sometime before the age of seven. Arising so early in the crucible of my childhood, it was unquestionable and a part of me, as surely as were my limbs or my voice. I belonged to Artemis and it was my destiny to be Wonder Woman. I never thought I would be the Wonder Woman in the comic. I thought of it more as an office, a special position with a duty to carry the work of Artemis into the world. But I also knew I wasn’t ready. I had to prepare myself.

To say that in childhood the spirit world is nearer, more immediate, is a truism. It is hard to hold those memories and not begin adding interpretive layers that distance and explain, denigrating the Truth and reducing it to imagination and fancy. But when I go back and re-live those times in memory, trying to re-experience without interpretation what I perceive now is what I perceived then. Artemis was close. She was near. She protected me and fed the freedom of my spirit. No mother surrogate, she doesn’t coddle. She is Big Sister. She wants all girls, all women, all females to know and to claim their power and their freedom. Don’t be tamed, don’t be tamed. No matter what happens, I am always mine. The patriarchs of Athens sent their daughters to Artemis to “run the wildness out of them,” but I know better what she was doing.

Off in the forest, running free

The Arktoi of Athens come running with me.

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