Empty Yourself of Fearful Feelings Once and For All

Key Lesson by Guy Finley

What hurts, what’s painful and pressurized, isn’t the event that you fear: It’s being full of fear that hurts.

This article is excerpted from Seeker’s Guide to Self-Freedom (pages 101-103).
Seeker's Guide to Self-Freedom

Free Yourself from Pressure and Anxiety

Before speaking to someone who intimidates me, I sometimes feel my throat start to close up and my voice choke up with so much tension that I find it hard to speak. I’ve got to get behind this fear, but I don’t know how!

One way in which it’s possible for us to outgrow the problems that we face is to not let those problems dictate our behavior to us. In this instance, whenever we run into areas that are challenging to us, a part of us will urge us to avoid those situations that make us feel uneasy. The answer is to go into the problem, not let the problem take us away from seeing its real cause. The wrong parts of us are always defining us according to their secret limitations. In this instance, anything that we fear, or that makes us behave oddly, will tell us that it’s the person or the situation that is causing us the conflict. We must always remember that in all circumstances, our situation is ourselves, and that it is through direct contact with these parts — and doing what they fear to do — that will prove to us there was nothing real in the fear. All fear, all negative states, are conditional. This means that if we will stay the course, and be willing to remain aware of ourselves while these parts are threatening us, we will see them fade and disappear. This is the only freedom.

Anxiety seems to be my lot in life lately. I have a full plate of activities with children, a challenging job, and outside interests. I really feel like I balance these and keep my priorities straight. However, I am visited often by anxiety that seems to have been triggered by worry. Do you have any suggestions on how I can work through this?

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