Happy 20th Bday…TEXTING! [repost]

Merry Christmas, circa 1992

Today, 20 years ago, a Vodafone engineer received the world’s first text message: Merry Christmas. In the two decades since, texting has not only become a normal part of daily life, but it has also shaped our language (for better or worse) and the ways in which we interact with people.

Remember this: 1 message received?
Remember this: 1 message received?

Though the first text message wouldn’t be sent until 1992, the idea was born in a Copenhagen pizzeria in 1984. Eight years later, the idea became a reality and today, people just in the U.S. will send at least 2.5 billion texts. (More fascinating text-related factoids.) When I was 20 I just played Diablo II a lot and spent my money on fast food and movies. It’s safe to say that text messaging is wildly more popular and successful than any other living 20-year-old, and for that, we salute you.

Naughty or Nice?

Imagine for a moment that texting had never been invented. How would your life change, and would you prefer it that way or not?

[via @mental_floss, shinyshiny and Nokia Conversations]

[image via nokia]

Read more at http://www.geeksaresexy.net/2012/12/03/happy-20th-birthday-text-messaging/#BUUokhHDdJTE3ueg.99


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