NOTE: Now you’ve got me curious…an island nation, unnamed and unmapped…hmmm??

Words, etc.

How on earth (no pun intended) did you manage to invent an entire island?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but you have ridiculously powerful satellites that can take pictures of things from space. They can see the Great Wall of China from hundreds of miles up, they’re that powerful. They can probably even see me waving to them now if they squint hard enough.

So if a satellite can see the earth in that much detail from so far away, how did you not notice this island isn’t actually there? It was named and everything – Sandy Island. So I assume it also had a capital, and a flag, and a GDP, and all the other “official” stuff that comes with being an actual place.

And if it was named, people must have been living on it, too – where did they go? Did they emigrate when times got tough?…

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