NOTE: Wish I had one of those high-powered telescopes to take these kind of pix…look forward to seeing yours!

Astronomy and Law

If you have taken any astrophotos that you are particularly proud of and want to share it with the world, the ESA would like to feature the photo on their web site.

If you haven’t taken any images yet, you still have time.  Some upcoming opportunities include:

  • 27 November: conjunction between Venus and the ringed planet Saturn — the two planets meet to within 1º before sunrise for European observers. With an unobstructed horizon, you may also glimpse Mercury.
  • 28 November: penumbral lunar eclipse — watch the Moon enter Earth’s faint outer shadow (beginning 12:14 GMT and ending 16:51 GMT)
  • 3 December: Jupiter at opposition — the gas giant will be at its closest approach to Earth with its face fully illuminated by the Sun, providing ideal conditions to view and photograph the planet with its four Galilean moons.

The judges favorite image will be the featured weekly image during…

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    1. I have a 12 megapixel camera that takes decent pix, but I’ve never had much success taking pictures with my smartphone! I’m also near a major city with all that light pollution. Thanks for the suggestions…and I love your blog, so it gets many reposts here…:)

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