Shift Hits the Fan

Shift Hits the Fan


By Suzanna Kennedy


Put your on your hat, goggles and close your mouth!  The collective unconscious is becoming conscious and it ain’t pretty.  And we thought planetary awakening would be fun. HA!


Give Peace a Chance


I Imagine that John Lennon is very proud.  Critical mass has decided to Give Peace a Chance.  All over the world, regardless of nationality or spiritual orientation, people have been petitioning, demonstrating and praying for Peace.  The collective intention for Peace has gathered the required energy to shift the planet into Peace.  And now, together we begin the journey from War to Peace.  Does anybody know this road?  Are there any signposts along the way?


Separation Consciousness


For a while, the pathway to global peace will be littered with the debris of Separation Consciousness.  It is the belief that we are separate from our Creative Source, separate from each other, separate from Mother Earth and even separated from different parts of ourselves, that cause us to hurt each other and disrespect our environment.  It is separation consciousness that leads to limitation consciousness, causing some people to hoard resources while others seem to have little or nothing. 


Quantum physicists are now finding scientific evidence proving what our spiritual leaders have told us for centuries: we are all interconnected by a unified field of consciousness.  We are all one and everything that affects you, affects me and All That Is.

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