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Astronomy and Law

Ok, so I may have been holding out on you, but one of my favorite guilty pleasures is an online comic strip called xkcd.  Below is one of the strips that has been getting attention (more than usual) by the likes of NPR.  I, however, find that I will read the strip of the day and burst out laughing.  But when I show it to the non-technical people in the office (read non-geeks, yes I speak geek fluently), they give me a perplexed look.  Much like I get when I say that there are only 10 types of people…those that understand binary and those that don’t (I love that old joke too).  I may be revealing too much, but part of being a patent attorney is being a geek in your field first.

up goer

However, in the never ending battle of labels, I don’t want to leave out my nerd…

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