NOTE: I can really identify! Into the light…:)

Shadow Work: Casting Light On Your Dark Side

Two decades ago, at midlife, I met my devils. Much of what I had counted as blessing became curse. The wide road narrowed; the light grew dark. And, in the darkness, the saint in me, so well nurtured and well coiffed, met the sinner.

My fascination with the Light, my eager optimism concerning outcomes, my implicit trust concerning others, my commitment to meditation and a path of spiritual awakening—all were no longer  a saving grace, but a kind of subtle curse, a deeply etched habit of thinking and feeling that seemed to bring me face to face with  its opposite, with the heartbreak of failed ideals, with the plague of my naivete, with the dark side of God. At this time, I had the following shadow dream:

I’m at the beach with my childhood sweetheart. People are swimming in the sea. A large black    shark appears. There’s fear everywhere. A…

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