NOTE: I LUV the Mayhem character…agreed, pure Genius! Thanks for visiting my blog too!


Mayhem struck me without warning last night. Well, not ME per se, but mayhem definitely struck my stuff, so let’s just say I found myself mayhem-adjacent. Lady Bugg requires a facelift. Oh, who am I kidding? She now requires a body lift. Lady Bugg is my Honda accord coupe (a two-door, bright red, little spit-fire of a car). She is lovely. Yes, I name my cars. To me, my cars are family members. I even talk to my car. Doesn’t everyone? Ha! More about the body lift in a minute…

My favorite commercials right now are the Mayhem series by Allstate Insurance. Catch the reference? Mayhem? This series makes me laugh every single time. Especially the one featuring the middle-aged man, Mayhem, as a teenage girl driving a pink SUV through a parking lot, texting on her bedazzled jeweled cell phone, wearing pink sunglasses, and “she” is angry because her BFF…

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