Guiding Kids with Psychic Gifts

NOTE: Attending the World Visionary Summit…great stuff, thanx!

The Go Between: Psychics, Mediums and Integrity by Melissa Leath

Please join us for this inspiring, unique, and FREE event!

Your Loved Ones in Spirit Have a Special Message for You. Say YES to this Exclusive Invitation.

Join the CALL…

• Do you want to learn how to reunite with your loved ones and actually communicate with them?

• Is there unresolved healing with a loved one in spirit that you’d like to receive guidance on?

• Would you like to discover specific ways to awaken your psychic gifts and receive messages of love from your loved ones, guides and angels every day?

• Does your child see fairies, orbs, and angels? Do you?

• Do you have dreams about people who have passed into spirit?

* Learn from 26 Psychic Mediums, Experts in their field who know the SECRETS to Communicating With the Other Side *

If you said YES to any of these questions, you’re going to LOVE…

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One thought on “Guiding Kids with Psychic Gifts

  1. Oh I definitely had an active imagination, but that doesn’t preclude the possibility that I was also a psychic kid. Both can be true at the same time. There are times I wished there were people there when I was a kid to help me understand what it meant to be so sensitive. I know a lot of people can relate to memories of having someone tell you, “Don’t be so sensitive.” I remember thinking in reply, “Maybe you should try being MORE sensitive.”

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