Different Keystrokes for Different Folks

NOTE: Suffering can be the cause or the result of fear and confusion about one’s place in this world, but it is a choice.

Traci Carver

Every generation creates its own horror stories of suffering. Consider my grandparents’ generation who truly discovered the meaning of sacrifice during the Great Depression; even they embellished tales with details of walking uphill in the snow to school both ways . . . which was impressive until I grew old enough to realize it snows about once every 57 years in South Georgia, and even then it doesn’t stick to the ground. Or how about the times I watched my grandmother swipe a piece of fat off my plate because I “was wasting good food,” leaving me covered in a thin layer of guilt for rude ungratefulness until my dad assured me that as farmers, they had plenty of food on the table and MaMa was just partial to slivers of gristle, gizzards, and chicken feet. When I discovered she ate these tidbits by choice, I almost went into a…

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