Just Write …for NaNoWriMo…

Just Write (timed writing exercise, 11/6/12, 377 words in 10 mins)


Whenever you get the urge to write something you should begin in earnest and not let up until you have exhausted the inspiration that started it. Once in awhile, you might get an idea. Run with it and see how far that goes and where it may lead.

Be fearless in your writing. The written word is indeed powerful but you might strangle the core idea if you try to parse it into something less than what you believe it should be. You may be talking about something politically or emotionally charged. You may be advocating for something that would shock your family and friends. They probably won’t see your writing, unless you let them. Know and trust this internal inspiration as coming from the font of all good things.

When you write in the way that you are inspired to do, nothing and no one can or should stop you. Set a time for writing and stick to it. It should be just like a job that someone else would be willing to pay you to do. And, it can be that. You could be paid by someone to write for them. But, even if no one literally pays you for your writing, you should take pride in this accomplishment.

Valuing what you have to say is probably the single most important thing to bring your writing ideas to life on a page for someone else to read. Remember that every book, magazine, text, web content or advertisement started as an idea in someone’s head and made it onto a page through its being written down to be shared. Nothing that you read anywhere at any time comes from out of the blue; it comes from someone writing it down.

Believe in your ability to capture this Genie in a Bottle and putting it in black and white. Write long hand, short hand, in pieces or as a volume, it doesn’t matter. It does matter than you take this initiative and just do it. And, be happy that you have. Save the editing and rethinking for a separate session. All that matter is the capturing of the idea in written form. All that stands between you and your completed work is your willingness to do this.

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