10 Great Things Social Media is Doing in the Workplace

NOTE: Nothing can change unless we want change…business is no exception.

Cheeky Marketing

If you haven’t already guessed it by now, I have a huge heart for social media…it really is the bee’s knees to marketing, and I continue to be blown away with how amazing it really is, and the great load of benefits that come along with being constantly active in social media. For these reasons I truly believe all businesses today without doubt, should embrace social media in the workplace. With so many different social media platforms available, there’s one for just about every business.

10 Great Things Social Media is Doing in the Workplace

  1. Boosts Company Morale
  2. Builds Company Reputation
  3. Provides Communication with Public and Customers
  4. Provides Free Advertising
  5. Collaboration – Bringing the Business together as a whole
  6. Offers Social Research  –  and the ability to get an analysis of  the company’s growth and online reputation
  7. Builds New Skills
  8. Transparency – Shows the world just who you are
  9. Builds…

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