Visionary Leadership Skills: SKUNK Medicine – Be Aware of What you Put Out There! | The Empowered Messenger

When it comes to cultivating some Visionary Leadership Skills I love love love skunk medicine and want to share some amazing insights that I’ve received about being a messenger, the importance of being clear on your message, attracting, repelling and discerning that I have learned in the last several months as a result of a foray into the world of online internet dating.

First I want to say that it’s been 3.5 years since my divorce from my 2nd husband – I have been alone raising my teenager and building my online Message based business – creating over $500,000 in revenue mostly in my Pajamas or yoga pants.  It’s been a wonderful period of learning, growth, creativity and service to the world AND in one of the masterminds that I am personally enrolled in last year in August my “Growth Edge” was “FALL IN LOVE”.

I avoided doing anything about this ‘cash commandment’ for 6 months and then finally in January decided I better take some inspired action and get moving on this.  So I set myself up in Eharmony – because let’s face it as a home based business owner who works primarily with women (although a few very wise men have also come through my work – it’s rare) the likelihood of meeting “The One” at my front door is pretty slim.  The postman is already hitched and the fed ex guys only come by once in a blue moon.

The thing about this online dating stuff is you have to be pretty clear with yourself about who you are and what you  have to offer – and you have to also put yourself out there and set some criteria for what you are willing to receive (or not) in terms of potential dates/partners/lovers/soulmates.    This is exactly what you want to be doing as an Empowered Messenger too!   Clarity is Divinity!!

This is going to be a long story so I’m breaking it up into a six part series – look next week for more……believe me you are gonna LOVE the insights that are immediately applicable to you and your business as a messenger!

via Visionary Leadership Skills: SKUNK Medicine – Be Aware of What you Put Out There! | The Empowered Messenger.


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