Note: A smile is the universal sign of caring, friendship and unconditional love!

Diamond Mike Watson

Did you know you can change your world simply with your smile?   It’s almost impossible to be in a bad mood or hold a grudge if you do this.  Great luck, opportunities and friends become attracted to you.

Why is this an ancient secret? It is because most people do not understand the awesomeness of this power.  In fact, everything you think with conviction becomes true. A smile, when used with sincerity and from the depths of our hearts, is one of the most powerful human tools we possess.

As you read this, think of a wonderful memory from your past.  We’re you with your family or friends?  No matter where you are or whom you are with, the value of your smile is at your disposal.  We are basically the masters of our feelings and destinies.  Think of a funny moment or one that created much joy inside of…

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