Spiritual Retreat…the Return

This will be a continuing story…but today I’m still recovering from the return home!

One journey ends and another begins. Outside Hurricane Sandy is spinning her way into the DC metro area and expecting that the power will eventually go out…for how long is the question. The wind and rain washes away the past and we let go of the past.

I’m still literally and figuratively unpacking the journey that I’ve been on for quite some time. Letting go is key to being who we came here to be. The retreat was the culmination of many things that I will continue to share here.

There are many paths to the one, but each of us can only focus on the one that we’ve selected to journey alone. I will be releasing my book soon and hope you will share your own experiences of your life’s path with me. Namaste!


4 thoughts on “Spiritual Retreat…the Return

  1. Update: Luckily for my own household, the light flickered a couple of times, but otherwise we’ve had consistent power, water and…importantly for us online folks, INTERNET! Still recovering from my retreat, glad to have the luxury of being inside my own home to do so. Stay tuned for more on my journey…:)

  2. This weekend, someone I know likened the hurricane to a giant, spinning, Reiki Power Symbol, something that will clear the air as it goes.

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