Extreme Gratefulness, part 3 of a series

Extreme Gratefulness – A Perfect Life Lived in the Supreme State of Thanks

Part 3 of a series on gratitude

by DeBrady (started 2/26/05, edited for blogpost 10/17/12)

Waken to the Peacefulness of Gratitude

Two thousand years ago, a prophet and wise man set forth a credo, love one another. Pretty simple, right? Well, for most of us–even those who identify themselves as saved by this man and his philosophy, find it a difficult credo to life by.

The Christ–or Jesus to those who call themselves Christians–is only one of the many who have walked the earth and preached about how alike we really are. It should come as no shock to most that we can coexist much more peacefully and live fuller lives if we can eliminate or reduce the fear of others from our lives. This means more than merely “going along to get along.” I means that we need to recognize that part of god in others which is also in ourselves. The Hindus have a word for this, namaste (nah-mah-stay). It’s a word which is commonly used as a greeting together with a gesture of clasped hands–much as in prayer. In a way, you are praying to god in the person age of the individual you are greeting!

Extreme gratefulness is much more than just being grateful to god. It’s being thankful to life in general and each other living being. The other side of gratefulness is forgiveness. They are inextricably linked in thought, word and deed. A perfect example of this comes to us through one of the stories of Gandhi.

Mahatma Gandhi is fairly well-known individual who preached–and lived–in accordance with the principle of peacefulness. Throughout his life, he sought to be the example by which others could live. He staged many peaceful protests to win freedom for his fellow Indians. In the end, an assassin’s bullet took his life, but, true to his pledge of peace, he forgave his assailant to his face as he was dying. How many of us can truly “turn the other cheek”?

Check back tomorrow for my next installment

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