As you heal yourself, You heal the World [reblog]

As You HEAL Yourself ♥ You HEAL the World — A Message from Ascended Master, Lady Quan Yin

Channeled by: Julie Miller
August 03, 2012

My gesture of love precious ones is spilling over as I am tremendously delighted to speak to all of you today. As we prepare to begin please accept my warm embrace and flow of gentle energy to surround your entire being and add healing to your day.

Energies are absolutely moving throughout your world at a great rate causing many changes within your person. As these high energies are absorbed within your spirit there are some precious souls who resist. And do you know precious ones some resist without necessarily knowing. It is one thing to proclaim your readiness for the changes that are coming your way, but I have seen differently precious ones from what you words are. When you resist the extensive light energy that is an opportunity to expand your own ability to send and receive light and love, you are actually preventing God from loving you completely. He cannot force his way into your heart. You have to allow him into your heart purely out of unconditional love.

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