A very good friend just started her own blog…good stuff, I’m eager to hear more!


I listened to a wonderful guided imagery from Magnificent Tappers this morning on abundance where I   was ushered in to a bank to inspect my vault which was filled with riches like the treasure room I described a few entries ago.  Understanding that this was all mine, I was invited to line my pockets with whatever I wanted.  It was great.

Later that afternoon, I had lunch with a very good friend.  She was celebrating her first pay check from a new job.  We talked about all sorts of things as we ate our delicious lunch.

Towards the end of our time  together, she received a call saying that she had lost this job that she had just started and was so happy about.  I felt so bad for her.

On the way home, In my mind’s eye I pulled out all the coins I’d taken from the vault and…

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