Water and Health

Chesapeake Bay beach and single gull
Water is life…without it, we would be like grains of sand.

To Your Good Health

On the subject of health, you either devote too much or too little time in the actual doing of something which leads to its ambivalence. Among the top considerations in securing a balanced state of physical beingness—which you call “good health”—is more what you are not doing than it is your understanding of your body’s equilibrium. Water is the fundamental molecule which comprises your physicality.

Although there is truth in the statement that too much of anything is a “bad thing,” most of you are not consuming enough of this basic resource. There are many way in which you can determine if you are ingesting enough of this substance; one of these is the dryness of your eyes at the time of awakening. The crustiness that many of you have at the corners of your eyes when you arise is a clear indication of the net deficit in your body of the previous day’s consumption of water. Fluids are often consumed which you consider “drinking” and therefore you assume that this is an adequate substitute or replacement for consuming water.

No Replacement

Alchemically, any addition of a substance to basic, pure water, changes it to something that is other than water. Some of these “other” water-like substances will be sufficient to replace water itself; however, any substitute of a substance is not—by definition—that substance, and, as such, not as “good” or even preferable. The exact quantity of this substance, water, is less important than attuning yourself to the core needs of your physical body, which has long been neglected.

Be as clear as you can, in each moment, about the purpose of your intentions; the rest—the balance which can be achieved, is a direct result of your applying the fundamental aspects of this conscious intent. This is at the core of your shift from unconscious—autonomic—functioning in a present-moment, now, and the beingness of who you were always meant to be.


When considering whether you are acting or reacting to your present circumstances, consider whether you are “happy” with the basic state of beingness that you now find yourself. If there are “things” about yourself that you would “prefer” to be different, this is a recognition of the need to change. There is no need to admonish yourself for reaching this unsatisfactory state; it is far more important that your new-found awareness about yourself provide you the core motivation to enhance your current state toward the recognized, preferred state of “health.” The thought behind the thought is this recognition of your beingness. There is only this knowingness which can serve to focus your intent in the never-ending, present moment of “now.”

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