About Human Relationships (excerpt)

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Everything is in perfect alignment with your soul’s purpose

Relating to Each Other

Relationship—of all kinds—are now coming to the forefront of your collective consciousnesses. How you relate to each other—at all levels—has undergone a mass change, or as some have called it, an upgrade. These changes or upgrades are not evenly accepted across human consciousness. As such, not everyone is, as you say, “on board” with each other.

Take that Leap of Faith

At these times, we recommend that you realize that no one can be forced or coerced into accepting these changes. Each soul has its own progression; there is no point in trying to coerce a soul to become something it has no desire for—or sooner than it’s ready. When in intimate relationship with another, this can be difficult—in all levels of your being. When you love someone, it’s difficult for you to see a gap growing between your loved one and yourself. The natural urge is to reach out and pull them to you, sometimes without asking. If you ask, especially on a soul-level, if that person is ready to take that leap of faith—to “catch up” with you—then, and only then, you may extend your hand, and heart, to the beloved.

You call to you certain experiences, in the form of people and events, which your soul requires for growth. These experiences may not be pleasant, so your tendency is to call that experience “bad” or unwanted. It is true that in an immediate sense, you would not “consciously” choose…or desire…to bring these kinds of experiences to you; however, it is important for you to understand that they are necessary. To the extent that you learn the “lesson” of the experience, you will be able to re-process it as “good” and beneficial. To the extent that you resist the lesson of the experience, you will continue to draw to you similar people and events for the growth of your soul in this lifetime.

Common Misunderstanding

There is a common misunderstanding about experiences, even from the point of view of more advanced souls, that you are shaped or molded by these people or events. We wish you to reframe this understanding in terms of your beingness. All perception revolves around the individual perceiver.

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One thought on “About Human Relationships (excerpt)

  1. It;s based entirely on the perceiver and how he responds to this change in situation, letting something go that he knows isn’t serving him anymore rather than being stuck in a relationship where one is putting in more effort than the other. If someone else matters to you that much, you MAKE the time and find a way, otherwise it’s best just to let go, however uncomfortable that might temporarily seem.

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