The New Earth and Easter (excerpt)

purple flowers in bloom
The time of year to bloom…take nature’s lead

Not a New Concept

Several years ago, a friend of mine who was way into the Unity mindset, taught a class based on Eckhart Tolle’s first best-seller, “The Power of Now.” Now, he has another book. It’s not a particularly “new” book…nor concept…really; much like “The Secret”…it’s no secret either. What Eckhart has done is provide a kind of instruction manual, in layman’s (or laywoman’s) term, of self-ascension.

Eckhart tells us:

“A new heaven” is the emergence of a transformed state of human consciousness, and “a new earth” is its reflection in the physical realm.

The Risen Christ

So, here is the connection to this particular time, that of Easter. The metaphysical meaning of the risen Christ is NOT about whether or not there was/is a historical Jesus—even if the story is true—or just a retelling of a resurrection myth (of countless religions). The point here is transfiguration…transformation of self from what is dualistic/physical to oneness/awareness. We are at this crossroad in human growth where ascension is eminent…it’s palpable and pervasive. Is there fear surrounding what this all means? Sure, of course, we’re biologically programmed to be change-adverse. But, have we reached the tipping point in collective human awareness to push us to the next level as a species? I suspect it’s much like putting a frog in a pot of cold water and slowly turning up the heat. The frog has time to get use to the change in temperature…right up to the point it’s being cooked!

I’d like to think that human beings are at least slightly more evolved than the average frog. Most of us have felt the need to change and grow, and, for the most part, we are doing that. Is it fast enough? Will it matter whether we’re ready when the pot starts to boil and it’s either do-or-die. Some people are already leaving this wheel of life. They are choosing to not change in the most dramatic way possible; they’re dying. This is not a judgment from “up high”, but rather, a decision made at their soul’s level to not continue to be subjected to the onslaught of current events…and the pressing need to evolve.

Blessings upon Blessings

Perhaps we’re in time; learning to release the attachments that I’ve held on to from the “past” which no longer serve me. I have found the people I planned to find in this lifetime—blessings upon blessings—and they continue to be instruments of this greater plan; the plan to evolve ourselves while assisting, by example, others who cross our paths. Thank you for making this an exciting journey—and this is just one more step down the road—a road we are making up as we go…

© 2018

If you enjoyed this post, it was published in my book, Lost & Found: Finding the Lost “I AM”…Within You! (Volume 1), paperback book or Kindle edition, available on Amazon.

One thought on “The New Earth and Easter (excerpt)

  1. Thanks to you, too. Sometimes we can wait a little too long, even when the pot starts boiling for fear of what we might be giving up.

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