The New Millennium

Just what is the new millennium and why is it any different from previous millennia?

Forest light shining thru leaves and quote, There is much that lies within...undiscovered
There is much that lies within...undiscovered

This is the question we’ve begun to ask ourselves about many people have come to realize that this era that we’re living in is significantly different from any other in recorded human history. We, as a civilization are more connected and interdependent than ever before, but that’s not the extent of it. Each of us is being asked to look deeper within ourselves, and ask ourselves difficult questions which delve below the usual survival-level needs and wants prevalent in prior millennia. Few had the luxury of time or resources to do this ‘work’ before. Only a few scholars and mystics had the desire to find the answers to questions which have been welling up from our collective consciousness before.

Now is the time when we, as a species, feel compelled to uncover these answers, digging deep into ourselves and finding that there is much that lies within…undiscovered. As you follow through this handbook, it is unnecessary for you to read it sequentially, but it has been organized to lead you through a process which may uncover these things for yourself.

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