Finding Love in Oneself (excerpt)

Yellow umbrella against the Bay
The OUTSIDE can look and feel great…but it’s what is INSIDE that matters!

Inside Matters

There is no “outside”, but when “seeking” love, we often think that it is somewhere else. We need look no further than the tip of our own noses. We stare into the mirror, but who is it that we really see? Who is it that “gives” us love? Can we find it “outside” if we can’t find it “inside’?

Recently, I’ve reexamined my own perspective on self-love. Like many of us, I have been looking somewhere else…apparently… besides in my own heart. No one can give me what I don’t already have; this is one of the metaphysical concepts I’ve spoken about. Strange then, that the teacher does not seem to learn the very lessons being taught! Shame on me…no, not shame…recognition. I recognize that I’ve been remiss in learning this lesson.

No Co-incidences

It’s far “easier” to compare ourselves to others who “seem” to have more…more stuff, more money, more love. But, how can that be the case when we have exactly what we’ve created for ourselves. We’ve arrived at this moment in time in the exact, correct place that we’d manifested. There are no mistakes, no “wrong” choices, no co-incidences.

Grasping the Gold Ring

We are not sinful or rejected by some “outside” deity who is jealous of our attention. The love that is our birthright is always available to us, we have but to reach out and grasp that gold ring on this carousal of life we’ve come to experience. Blessing abound, but we are often to near-sighted to notice the gifts…especially those this can, at least at first, seem to be otherwise.

Finding love in oneself “should” be one’s first and longest-lasting love, but alas, this is often furthest from the truth. In fact, many of us have been taught that self-love is wrong! It is equated to immodesty, self-indulgence and self-importance, all of which are also seen to be pejorative. A child looks in the mirror, smiles, laughs, has fun; somewhere along the way, they’re scolded or told to not to do that in one way or another. I can remember dancing and singing in front of the mirror…having fun, by myself, needing no one to “play” with…what happened?

I’ve begun reclaiming my childhood; the play, the laughter, the—HORRORS—self- indulgent behaviors that were chided out of me in my youth. I’m here to please no one…no one else besides myself. Not that it’s “wrong” to please others, but it is if it’s to the exclusion of my own wishes…my own pleasures…my own satisfaction. The only “sin”, then, should be in not loving oneself.

Universal Love

I have written, on many occasions, about Universal Love. The Universe is within our reach, but only if we grasp what is being offered. The choice…some may call it “free will”…that we all have is to become aware of our own unique place in this Universe and welcome all that is being placed within our grasp. We are doing ourselves…and the Universe…a big disservice by not taking these opportunities to learn, experience, grow and love.

© 2018

If you enjoyed this post, it was published in my book, Lost & Found: Finding the Lost “I AM”…Within You! (Volume 1), paperback book or Kindle edition, available on Amazon.

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