No Exceptions, Just Choices (excerpt)

Cloudy skyline with quote: Fear not and peace will naturally be yours

Often you arrive at a destination where the sign says “no exceptions”. In life, you will find many places and conditions that either explicitly—such as, this kind of sign—or implicitly—customs of a particular society or area, for instance, which would seem to leave little or no room for personal accommodations. However, this is only true of your now-existing, 3D world.

In the new 5D world—which is knocking at your “door”—these “signs” will become increasingly scarce. As societies and restrictions placed on individuals, on behalf of the “greater good” are relaxed, there will simultaneously be less need for the laws, mores and other codes of justice which you are currently used to living under. This transitory time may be difficult for everyone, but with it there will be the expected clinging to fear and concerns around how to deal with those who have less personal control. This is to be expected and you who came to this wisdom naturally will take the lead in showing others how to temper their actions—and anger.

In prior dimensional shifts, your planet—and those who were living on it at that time—experienced a great deal of turmoil. Although there will be conflict in this shift, there is already schisms forming, which will cause those still holding onto the “old” 3D world, and the reality they associate with it, to rebel against these inevitable changes. It was not that they liked or were even comfortable with the conditions of their 3D world, they knew what to expect—or what to do—when conflicts arose. Increasingly, even to the most “dense” 3DHb’s [3d Human beings], they are finding that these “old” solutions are not working as they once did so reliably.

…Fear not and peace will naturally be yours…

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