Addicted to the 3D World (excerpt)

Astrological sign and pic for Aquarius
"Now is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius..."

You came to this world—in this particular lifetime—because there is an ongoing shift from the third [3D] to the fifth-dimensional [5D]. However, for the most part, the world still is held to the 3D side—it is held due to a form of addiction. Human beings have a propensity toward addiction of all kinds; some deemed to be “good”, some “bad”.

We have spoken before about love addiction; this may seem to be good—at first—but when examined more closely, it is not. Addictions are desires that are out of your control. At the root of all addiction is the perception that more is better—will make you happier, more fulfilled on at least less unhappy. Even happiness has been corrupted by these overwhelming drives excess.

In the 5D world, addictions can hold no sway over you anymore. But, as long as any portion of your energy bodies are still with the 3D world, addiction is to be carefully monitored. The flip side of this coin is that the 3D world itself is a potent addiction for the majority of human beings. You have grown and experienced yourself—and those around you in it—it will not be easy to make this transition. In fact, it is the primary why your world is still occupying 3D space time.

We have told you before, but it warrants repeating again—here—you and your perception is reality. This truth is simple enough to state—much more difficult—and complex, for you to fully comprehend. There are two sides to this issue, they personal reality you create and the reality which is co-created by a complex forming of mutual “agreement” by all who occupy your world at this time.

The “Age of Aquarius” has dawned and with it comes an avalanche of consciousness-changing influences. As individuals begin to open their awareness to other possibilities beyond the ones that have been collectively acknowledged. It is not that the Universe is changing; it remains as it always had been and always will be—unchanging and constant. Your consciousness is changing, or to be more correct, evolving.

NOTE: See my explanation of these shorthand terms, 3D versus 5D, at:

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