Relationships and Difficult Times

Man against the morning sky outside barn
I AM alone, but not lonely; seeking within.

When you approach another soul, this is the strange and mysterious union of two or more which is spoken of in your Gospels. Relationships are of the utmost importance to each of you at this time; this is because you need to have a touchstone outside your our body with which to connect. Spend time with others; it may be difficult at times to deal with all the various issues, feelings and ideas generated by these others, but this is as it is designed to be. May we suggest that you make allowances for these variations which are indicative of this process of growth and understanding. This process will become clearer as mutual understanding begins to dovetail with the individual’s ascension progress all parallel paths.

This may be an especially difficult time of flaring emotional releases; expect many tears and meltdowns between friends, as well as joy and laughter. Remember that all is good and perfect. The very definition of these processes will come to light as you gain perspective that will only come with the progression of what  you call time—time being a construct which allows you to compare and contrast the many time streams and dimensions which are currently outside of your ability to perceive, and therefore describe, in terms of language. That said, be not afraid of the level and degree of change that you are now having to deal with—individually, as well as in society as a whole. There is only love; fear is a natural result of your not coming to terms with the various aspects of love which fall outside of your current definitions.

You are generating an increasing number of changes which need to be placed within some context of physical understanding. It’s not necessary to understand all the technical details for this process of change to succeed. Leave that to those who are with you in the other dimensions, which you call angels, guides, and ascended masters. There’s nothing wrong with using these names or making similar associations with the nonphysical universe within which you exist; all is in perfect order. Again, we stand ready to assist you, always, you have but to ask and it is already given.


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