Intro to Lost & Found: Discovering What has been Lost

Upcoming book release, Lost & Found: Finding the "Lost" I AM...Within YOU! by Debra E. Brady
Look for the upcoming book release by Debra E. Brady, Lost & Found: Finding the "Lost" I AM...Within YOU!

This book serves as a guide through the process of discovering that has been hidden within each of us. What it is not is a step-by-step guide to some form of enlightenment, nor is it a replacement for more “traditional” forms of therapy. The passages may well assist you in processing your thoughts and emotions; this closely follows from my own search and discovery process. Through writing—for myself and for those who I shared these writings with—I was able to connect the seemingly disparate pieces of my life into a greater understanding of who I am. It is an ongoing process that never ceases. Like a great work of art, each of us has within ourselves a creative spirit bursting to become manifest in the world.

There is a wonderful quote by the Renaissance artist and creative genius, Michelangelo:

The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.

You are the best YOU in the world; you must reach for the gold and not lose sight of becoming the perfection of your vision of yourself. For your part, you begin as every journey begins, with the first step. You’ve been drawn to read this material for a reason—your own reason, no one else’s—which is always changing, growing, adjusting, and finally, awakening within your heart and mind. Through reading these passages, you may discover for yourself what your own, unique purpose in life.

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