Oneness versus Dualistic Relationships (Quotes)

Tall ornate pillars against sun
The two comes from the one

Reaching upward is part of who we are…each by ourselves and together as a whole. The Divine oneness expresses itself through us; we cannot help but look skyward, expecting a miracle.

  • People see each other as transitory until they become personally involved, emotionally involved, then their hearts and minds can be joined. This is true love.
  • All people deserve respect and understanding. This is a lot to ask when duality is the norm.
  • Relationships are the most important formulation in creating a stable civilization; this starts at home.
  • The energy you create when you are sharing yourself in the physical is the most powerful source for shifting consciousness.
  • The moral complexities you assign to sex are at-odds with your innate desires for this activity.
  • Whenever two or more minds get together, their collective energies make real the presence of the Divine.
  • Expectations are natural to your dualistic worldview; once you free yourself from those expectations which are no longer serving you, that worldview will expand accordingly.

The real miracle is that we are brought closer together by love. Without love and each other, there is only separation and desperate longing for unity.


3 thoughts on “Oneness versus Dualistic Relationships (Quotes)

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