Divine Capacitors (excerpt)

Abstract image against black background
The Divine Spark divides and multiplies within all

By design, human beings are living conduits of the Divine. It matters not if you believe that; your belief does not alter its underlying truth. As capacitors for the Divine, the corporeal form provides a filter of the love, compassion and energy inherent in the Universe. To the degree that your body provides the least resistance to this Cosmic Flow, you will be the clear channel for these things.

To the extent that you have prepared your vehicle, i.e., your physical form and all its many layers, this Cosmic Flow will be allowed to flow…or “glow.” It is essential that you understand that love and energy are synonymous and constants. The Universe does not choose one being or object to flow through and not another. Like an electrical/mechanical capacitor, your energy system, which was established before you entered the physical and will exist afterward, allows or constrains the flow of these constants. When there is no resistance, which is truly rare in the physical, then energy/love can flow through you as the conduit and into other beings more readily (which is to say, to the degree that they allow or disallow). The more resistance you create and filter, the less energy/love can flow through you and the more you will “glow”.

As this “human capacitor,” your body and personal energy-system has an unlimited potential to channel to every other person or object that enters your field…whether or not you do so intentionally. Although it’s true that the Universe can and does provide an unending stream of energy to draw from, it’s just as true that we are the limiting factor, in terms of this concept of acting as a capacitor. It’s a complex dynamic—providing enough resistance to allow energy to build up and “energize” us. A little glow is actually a good thing, but, as the saying goes, too much of anything is never good for us. However, we must not have so much resistance that it becomes “stuck”. Too little, or no, resistance, then the energy simply goes through us without enlivening us as it was designed to do.


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