Old World versus New (excerpt)

Lights shining through circus wires
We dance upon this Earth for such a short time...but, dance we do!

You are in the process of investigating the difference in the “old world” and the new one just coming into being. In the dimensional shift that you have already begun shifting into, the modalities of the old way of doing things are not congruent with those of this new dimension. The “new world” is not entirely meshing with your perception of the so-called “reality” of which you are used to being part.

When comparing and contrasting the old with new, it’s important to realize that there can be no comfort around the orientation that was previously relied upon in terms of your senses. This discomfort is growing, especially with those who continue to resist these changes in perceptual reality. Until this is fully understood, you must express compassion to these individuals and societal structures. These structures are being torn down steadily to make room for new and completely different ones from anything you have yet to experience. As the senses begin to adjust—they are being enhanced through DNA modifications and astral educational processes, all outside of your conscious awareness—it will become easier to literally “make sense” of these changes.

There are a few of you—relative to the general human population—who, as we have told you before, are the new vanguard of this evolutionary revolution. You are the educators, guides and mentors for the next larger group who will spread this information to the masses. These second level individuals will still be in need of assistance for some time to come from the vanguard, which will continue their individual and group enhancements in line with the growing differences that will arise in the coming years.

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