Laughter and Positive Thinking

two pumpkins in jeans on lawn, halloween prank scarecrow
Sometime ya just gotta laugh!?!

Laughter is the best medicine. Laugh well, laugh often. The endorphins that are released into your physical body supplant most negative energies trapped by unfortunate interactions with those who have not sufficiently transmuted their own anxieties. Often you will find that these energies will dissipate on their own; however, in the interim, use this most-wonderful of human emotions to act as an antidote. The smile that comes naturally to your face and the lovely sound created by the roll of laughter coming from deep within your multidimensional bodies can affect all who are near you.

Positive thinking has been told to you as a great way of facilitating proactive changes in your life. This is only partially true; thinking is actually the weak link in that process. Your mind creates all kinds of illusions and assimilates a mixture of past experience, future expectations and current emotional-environmental issues—not just your own, but all of whom you’ve surrounded yourself with, and, who you—knowingly or not—have taken some level of responsibility for. This has been your current understanding of the reality you’ve created and believe that you have your existence within. This is fully understandable; there is no judgment here, just a bringing into your awareness a change in how you are able—now, through this noticing—to alter this previously-experienced process in favor of a heart-based awareness and now-based reality.

What we are suggesting here is to be, totally, in the now. Planning is still necessary for shared aspects of your day-to-day existence; however, as more of you become comfortable with living fully in the now, planning will become increasingly unnecessary. This seems to be a strange concept for most of you. But consider this one of the shifts in consciousness which you are already experiencing, even though there is much resistance and concern about it. It seems “inconceivable” to you that plans are unnecessary; know that as it becomes clear how this will work, you will have less anxiety around the appearance of this “unplanned” progression of now-reality.


2 thoughts on “Laughter and Positive Thinking

  1. Thank you for the great reminder about our nature to laugh. I think sometimes I get caught-up in taking life too seriously. I have consciously worked (played?) with my ability to just let things flow into place with less fuss. I’m so much more peaceful and happy as I remember to lighten-up. Thank you again for this powerful reminder.

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