Twin Flames (excerpt)

Detail from artist rendering of 'twin flames' or cosmic twins
The universe has plans for us all; twins will always be reunited on the cosmic level.

The idea of a twin flame or soulmate has been a recurring theme in your culture. It’s only been a short time, historically, that you, as human beings, have had the luxury of free time to consider romantic love and ideal relationship. In prior eras, life was hard and required intense and arduous labors; this left little time or energy left for selecting and nurturing a love interest without related considerations, such as genetic and cultural compatibility and the influence of prior generations. There are many parts of your world, even at this time, where couples still do not have this luxury.

In these cultures, the daily routine is still fixed, requiring specific sets of criteria for forming unions. Freedom from these restrictions and expectations has arisen with your current awareness of choices and focus on the rights of individuals, apart from the society in which they exist. With these freedoms come greater responsibilities, as the individual becomes more self-directed, rather than regulated by external precepts and rules designed by historical and governmental bodies to prevent collisions in the activities of those who did not have this level of self-control. A few of you have become aware enough to feel the connection that has been inherent since your birth—a connection which may defy traditional boundaries and even rationalizations.

When in doubt of this connection, be still; breathe into the essence of this other which is really just part of this twin flame energy you have come here to experience for yourself. The actualization may be far different than your expectations; do not fear, do not give too much thought about how this should, or even will, appear to others. Some things cannot and really should not be explained. The spheres you now inhabit are in other dimensional realities and do not have precedence in your past experience of relationship—especially at this level of intimacy.


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