The Continuity of Existence (excerpt)

Golden roman statue in Berlin at night
Time waits for no one

Shapeless and infinite as your true Self is, you have come here—at this time and place—and narrowed your spiritual focus into this compact shell you call your body. Though many have told you throughout the years in multiple traditions and texts that you are not this body, you have persisted in experiencing yourself as this limited form. We assure you this has its purpose too; however, equally so, you must not limit your thoughts about yourself to remain so focused upon this lifetime.

Existence of your expanded beingness is truly continuous and expansive beyond your current time and space-bound awareness. Nothing that can be reported and verified by your limited senses and accumulated knowledge of yourself—as you’ve come to understand it—can begin to explain this truth. Even as you ponder these words, your “educated” mind tries to formulate and compare that which you’ve understood till this moment; you place limits on the very thing you wish to consider.

Mystics and gurus have expounded upon this idea of your expanded Self, but mind cannot know itself. You cannot trade-off the mind and understandings brought to you by another in order to reach a definitive conclusion about truth. You slip out from the bounds of thought only after you have left this small self you have come to inhabit in this lifetime.

Yet, you reach out and ask for this clarification, so we attempt to approximate it for you, here, in words. In some ways, the senses you have come to trust to report reality back to you—for yourself and collectively, as a species, must be subverted. There is much truth to the statement that you must first know that you know nothing—turn off the stories that you told yourself and in that vacuum, you will begin to grasp the enormity of what is available to you.

You have come to define life as breathing and electrical responses coming from a body. We ask you to open up this definition to allow for a greater “life” that requires no body to contain it.  Once you have reached a level of acceptance, the continuity of existence—what you may call your immortal soul—can be contemplated.


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