Emerging from the Chrysalis of Life

Dreamy meadow at dawn
Dawn breaks over the dream meadow

As each of you begin the initial process of emergence from your individual chrysalises of this physical, 3D life, you will find a world which is much different from that which you have become used to living in, up to this point. This can be confusing and disorienting. It is already causing a great deal of physical and psychological concerns.

You, as lightworkers, are among the first to feel these changes—as it has been designed by you in the ethereal. You may be experiencing multiple disconnections from those around you—including other lightworkers. Don’t expend a lot of time or energy trying to understand the “why” of this unsettling feeling. There may be a sense of agitation or irritation with “how” others seem to be operating in the world. This is primarily a function of how you’ve chosen to experience this shift and your individual mission in relationship to each other.

May we suggest that you resist the urge to strike out in apparent retaliation against those who seem to be “causing” you distress; they may or may not be fully aware of all the various inputs they’re experiencing. There are those of you who have been putting yourselves at greater risk of unnecessary inputs—that which you may perceive as unproductive or counter-productive—which is sometimes languaged as bad or “evil”.

Although much of this is inconsequential to your individual conditions, there are those among you who are pushing these influences out into the recent fifth-dimensional world, putting strains that could be best left out of the equation. While this is not a long-term issue, you—as lightworkers—must be conscious to keep your own integrity within your sphere of influence. The more of you who chose to stay aware and alert for these apparitions, the more it will help mitigate any potential disconnects from those who do not yet have this level of understanding. This is as it should be as well.


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