Time and Planning for Now…More Quotes


We often think in terms of how long we may have upon the Earth, but none of us really knows. How do you spend your time? Will you look back on your life and ponder if it were spent for good or ill?

Here are some more quotes that I created for my fictional character, which are consistent with my upcoming book…

  • Swimming upstream in daily living is not only tiring and time-consuming, but it will ultimately be counter-productive in achieving your goals.
  • Once the hands of time cease to move, forever begins.
  • When we wake from the dream of perceived reality, our eyes can then focus on the truth of our being-ness in the now.
  • All paths lead to individual awakening; all thoughts create individual realities. It is the individual’s thought which lead one back to the point of origin—the alpha—where oneness is the only reality. All else is illusion.
  • The journey of life in the world of the physical is not a waste of time; it is part of the Universe’s master plan for its children, of which each one is important and necessary.
  • Today is the best place and time to begin to implement plans that have been put off until “tomorrow.” There will never be a better time; planning without action is pointless—begin today in earnest.
  • Humans have the ability to travel through both time and space, as these are both constructs of the mind.

We are all really time travelers…all the time thinking about sometime other than the now. Ponder, then, not about what was or what could be in the so-called future; ponder on the wonder that is that rare and precious thing called, The Now.

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