Choosing the Red Pill

Palm Trees Against the Evening Sky

In these small hours—the middle of the “night” and all is quiet in the towns and cities that you call home. Much of what you consider reality is anything but. Movies and stories of the science fiction variety plant clues in your imagination—such as in The Matrix. What pill would you choose?

If you chose the BLUE one, life will not appear to be any different than what you have come to expect. There is no “right” answer; it is and will always remain to be yours to choose. There are also no regrets should you choose to stay asleep. Nothing will change in your perception. This is not a test to see what you can stand in terms of reality.

For those of you who choose the RED one, the dream of reality, as others continue to imagine it into being, remains. You will not suddenly wake up in a strange and horribly realistic version, as happened in the movie. However, you will slowly continue the process of awakening to a greater reality where clues will continue to manifest in the physical world as well as in your mind’s eye.

Thoughts will seem to form unbidden, within your waking consciousness, and dreams will carry you ever closer to the truth of your existence. The key that has been placed within your reach will unlock many doors. It is, therefore, key to become mindful—in every way—of how these doors are presented to you and when the “right” time comes, and it will, you will begin the process of unlocking and opening each of the doors. What lies beyond will be greatly affected by how consciously you peer inside.

Those who are with you in this “new” waking state are also being led to these revelations. At first, it may seem a bit strange to accept the clues to the greater reality of this new world. You will become used to walking through these doors, down the various corridors and into other rooms that have—so far—been outside of your ability to comprehend.

As always, trust in the process and allow those who walk with you—both in the physical and non-physical realms—to provide the assistance and backup you will need. Truth, honesty and integrity to this new path are all that is required. We stand ready to assist in every way, dear ones.


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