Friendship and Oneness (excerpt)

Who am I? Who are this thing call “you”? The physical realm in which we have come to know as “real” separates these things. In this excerpt from my upcoming book about finding what is lost, we examine this complex topic in friendly terms…

Friendliness is next to godliness. Whenever you create a friendship, you create for yourself an opening into Universal consciousness. This is because each of you is a unique part of the whole, and, in unison, you amass a greater piece of the wholeness—which is what each of you has come here to experience, in the physical.

The curious nature of interpersonal relationships is that you are experiencing both duality and oneness at the same time. This creates a certain degree of confusion around who you are compared to that who appears in your life as the “other”. These are all aspects of your own soul’s adventure from the seemingly unknown to oneness. Sometimes the other causes you to re-examine parts of yourself which you have over-identified with and which needs to be expelled from your energy bodies.


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