The Heart of the Matter & Understanding Feelings

Whether you are now in a loving relationship or not, it’s often difficult for human beings to understand how they feel about each other…regardless of the type of relationship it is. Be it romantic, friendship, or something altogether different, one might say, hostile, envious or hateful, we do so  more as a matter of heart, then of head.

When I first started writing down quotes that were supposed to be from the mouth of a child, but very much of a higher consciousness, I began to notice some patterns emerging. Once I’d gathered these together in one place and sorted through them, they fell nicely into topic areas that I’d started writing longer pieces about…that eventually became the chapter headings for my book.

Several of these chapters contain sentiments relating to our emotions and, in particular, how we feel about others in terms of relationships. It can be hard for us to sort out just how we feel when emotions are running particularly strong…both positively and negatively. Be it a former spouse, who we once loved enough to marry, but now “hate”, or a consummate enemy who turns out to be our greatest teacher, strong emotions…heartfelt emotions…don’t necessarily prove to be the most reliable.

The following short “quotes” do not actually appear in my current book, but are consistent with this section heading of the same name. Perhaps they will be used in part in another book.

  • We spend most of our lives seeking the ‘happiness’ factor that eludes most of us. Happiness can’t be bought, borrowed or stolen…second-hand, it is like attending a banquet without being able to taste any of it.
  • That which has always existed, which you call God or the Divine Presence, cannot be readily explained within the limited context of your language; this is why there will always be a disagreement about this concept. Find solace then in the knowledge and feeling which radiates from your heart.
  • Each being has purpose; the purpose of being is not always apparent, but it is why we’re here.
  • Life is simpler when love is present.
  • Love is the most misunderstood of all human emotions. It is limitless in capacity and the only thing that you cannot live without.
  • There is no safety in matters of the heart.
  • When honesty is tempered with compassion, relationships flourish; when honesty is amplified by fear or malice, pain or anger is almost always the result.

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