New Year, New Venture…MetaRead360!

As far as the new year…2012…is concerned, newness is the theme. This is a time for renewal, hope for things to come and thankfulness for all that life has to offer…even if, at first glance…it’s hard to see why!

I’ve started pulling together the business that I’ve been planning on launching for the last year or so…starting with a small press, which I’ve named, MetaRead360. It will have several associated imprints, but primarily focused on all things metaphysical. My first publication will be my own book, several years in the making, called “Lost & Found: Finding the ‘Lost’ I AM…Within YOU!” It’s a collection of metaphysical writings that go back to 2007, when I started penning pithy sayings that were originally to be part of a work of fiction. After awhile of sharing these with my Yahoo!Group, I was encouraged to pull phrases into paragraphs, and finally into short articles. They were also posted on a now-defunct metaphysical site, Gaia, and finally decided that they needed to become a book.

I’m putting out a call for new, metaphysically-directed authors to be considered for the MetaRead360 imprint. Do you already have a book…published or not…that you have full-rights to still? I’m looking for original work, both metaphysical non-fiction and fiction. I already have four authors who will be publishing with me…you could be part of my new small press. I expect to have between 6-10 authors to start, so that I can give the first ones my full attention! Could it be you?

Also, with this new year, and after having two people in my life go from juicy to done, I am on my own again. Don’t be sad for me…I’m not. There’s never anything quite as freeing as knowing you’ve made the right decision…even when that decision means you’ll be single…at least for awhile. I’m confident that I’ll have just the right person (or people) show up in my life that is perfect for where…and who…I am right now.

As my own, upcoming book says, “Now is the perfectly ripe time to be who you came to this earth to be…” Who ever you are, right now, in this moment, you are simply you. I am simply me. So, be here, now…as I am, present and accounted for in this new year of 2012!


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