Re-framing Fear into Awareness (excerpt)

Cloudy sunset
From out of a cloudy day, the sun will shine…as it always has and always will!

Taking Control of Your Creations

You wander, often aimlessly, through the world you have created—more often than not—with a framework of fear and anxiety. Source energy is readily available to make whatever it is that you are imagining reality. This framework is the cumulative effect of all humans who have ever lived a physical existence. The press of time with your conscious awareness of yourself and the world around you seems to carry with it a fear about what is to come—what does the future look like?

These questions are appropriate for your present awareness as they impress on your collective psyche the “need” to “do something”—which is to say, consciously manifest reality. The opposite has been truer for you over the last few millennia and the result of unconscious manifestation is apparent all around you.

Steps to New-You

We offer these suggestions:

  1. Decide first what it is in your world which is not in perfect alignment with what you desire to show up;
  2. Begin to consider how you yourself have been perpetuating this reality; and,
  3. Set a new intention to shift your own attention about co-creating the world a-new.

Beginning to Co-Create

We will amplify these steps in more detail soon. But, for now, know that—with every intention—you choose to wake up to your own contributions to these reality, and, it has already begun this process of co-creation.

© 2018

If you enjoyed this post, it was published in my book, Lost & Found: Finding the Lost “I AM”…Within You! (Volume 1), paperback book or Kindle edition, available on Amazon.


3 thoughts on “Re-framing Fear into Awareness (excerpt)

    1. Fear is merely the lack of loving intent; all can be viewed through the eyes of fear, if we let ourselves be overtaken by it. Love is the only real answer and response. I’m enjoying my preview of your own great work, my new friend…and look forward to seeing the 7th Major Understanding in print!

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