Perfection of Beingness and Creating Reality (excerpt)

We are here for exactly the time and reason that we designed for ourselves prior to coming into the physical. No more and no less. All is perfection of beingness and this fact is difficult for you to accept. Be with this thought for a moment, try to understand that what we think we want and what we desire may be at-odds with each other, in concept and in practice.

Now, go deep into your inner being and ask for guidance. Why am I here? Why do I think that there should be more to this life that what it appears to be in my experience of myself? Why must there be so much suffering in the world…in my life? Is suffering necessary to my existence? These questions are difficult to delve into at first, but if you let that inner knowingness that you have within you percolate up into your outward knowingness of who you are in this physical lifetime, you will begin to understand the greater purpose that we have come forth to experience and the answer to the `meaning of life’ will become much clearer for you.

Keep asking difficult questions and continue to be open to the answers that emerge from deep within…and most importantly, trust those answers as being valid. To the extent that you can accept the perplexing answers to these time-honored questions, you will have a better understanding of all that you `remember’ about past lives and how that fits into your overall purpose in this, the most important lifetime. Not because you are more important now, more than those `other’ existences, but because it is in this now…this moment…that you are, you live and breathe here and now. This is the only really important point. The past, whether it was a minute ago, or a hundred years ago, or a hundred lifetimes ago, in this life, in this moment, you are simply, ineffably, indescribably, you and none other.

Once you understand this, once you fully comprehend the magnitude of that statement, I am that I am, you will ‘get’ it. And, that `it’ will be different for each of you as much as it is the same. For each of you is a distinct and radiant part of the whole, the oneness, the Divinity, which exists simultaneously in each of us, just as it is the sum-total of all of us…of the Universe in a single point of light! How wonderfully delicious is that? You are that. You are perfect, just as you are in this moment!


The rest will be in my book, Lost & Found…please stay tuned and feel free to add to the conversation!

5 thoughts on “Perfection of Beingness and Creating Reality (excerpt)

  1. Hi, i think that i saw you visited my blog so i came to “return the favor”.I’m attempting to find things to improve my web site!I suppose its ok to use some of your ideas!!

  2. I love the idea that you are presenting here in this excerpt. Learning to connect with and listen to the Internal Self is something that I work deeply on with my clients – that the Soul is eternal. Thank you for sharing this. Very validating!

    1. I continue to learn that myself…even as I write, I learn! We are eternal beings who have chosen to be “earth-bound” for this time. Thanks for your visit and kind words!

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