Every Step Toward Who I AM (excerpt)

Now is the perfectly ripe time to be who you came to this earth to be—such is the core of the Aramaic Prayer. You might have the thought that you are wasting time or being misled. Know that there are no mistakes or accidents in your life. Whatever happens, however you perceive what is happening in your reality, it is in perfect order.

You are—have always been—a perfect child of God; God being just one of the many names for the Divine Creator. God creates through you from your intentions and desires; this is what is meant by you as creator—everything is manifested through and by you, whether or not you realize it. The true wonder is when you set the intention and provide desire, the Universe takes over from there. In fact, it’s best when we let go of the need to know the hows and whys of how its manifestation occurs.

Every step, every turn, even every breath, is part of your path, taking you from where you were to where you are now. Since there is only now, the thought that something or someone “prevented” you from being or doing anything that is “incorrect.” We invite you to let go of any thought that anything that has happened has been negative—this is not possible.

Pleasure and pain come from the same root within your emotional framework. You assign a positive charge to pleasure, a negative one to pain, but both serve their purpose. The body and soul connect to each other through an energetic force that can be interpreted by your emotions. This force is expressed through your emotional bodies and since your emotions contain judgments about your physical world, they carry polarizing charges in the form of thoughts.

Cube with tree and connections
It's all about symmetry and balance!

…the rest of this piece is in my upcoming book…if you really can’t wait until, and you leave a comment…I’ll add it to the comments. Promise!


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