Ups and Downs of Connections

Just a quickie update…I’ve noticed that after getting regular traffic just after a couple social media events I attended last month, the views have tanked!

Just another example of the old wisdom about maintaining connections of any kind…you get out what you put in. I haven’t been contributing posts, especially social media specific info, so my stats have been fairly flat over the past few weeks.

Yes, I was on vacation, but that’s no excuse. To prevent the ‘up and down’ syndrome in readership, before taking time away from my computer, I should’ve seeded my blog by having timed postings in my absence. Easy to say, in retrospect, much harder to do in practicality.

I have plans to come up with a series of articles about a range of social media topics. Each post does not have to be long, but it needs to be relevant and pithy. Better a short, frequent 2-3 paragraphs of meat than 4-6 paragraphs, which are irregularly posted. Lesson here…for me…keep it coming, encourage subscribers and commenters.


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