The Songwriter & Social Media Tour–Matthew Moran

Matthew Moran presents workshops nationally on technology, business, creativity, and social media content. He continues to perform as a songwriter in multiple venues, including in Phoenix and Los Angeles. Now, he is combining the two to create, The Songwriter & Social Media Tour –a combination musical tour supporting his new CD, “Girls, Songs, and Other Delusions“, and a series of social media & business technology related workshops co-branded or sponsored by chamber of commerce groups, colleges, and other professional organizations.

In addition to his new CD, songwriter Matthew Moran has a background as a blogger, podcaster, and business consultant. While planning a show, he was asked to provide a workshop on how to effectively use Facebook. From this request an idea was born.
Drawing on his experience as a workshop presenter, technology consultant, and as a performer.

“There is a lot of confusion about social media and technology for businesses and individuals,” Matt said recently, “and a lot of people feel they are going to miss the bandwagon if they don’t act quickly.”
But Matt cautions against the often knee-jerk, jump into social media, reaction that many businesses and individuals take.

“Social media is a tool and a potentially powerful tool but if it is not part of an integrated marketing strategy, it can be a huge time-waster,” he continued. “It is certainly not a panacea and will not make up for bad product, inefficient business practices, or the lack of a sales & marketing plan.”

That is why two of the workshops focus on directly social media as part of a broader marketing plan. “Don’t Waste Your Time: The Ugly Truth About Social Media” and “Online Presence Roadmap: A Top-Down Strategy for Exposure & Efficiency“.

Other workshops include: “Creating Your First Blog or Podcast Using WordPress”, “Creating Audio or Video for Nothing or Next-To-Nothing”“Online Collaborative Technologies: Using Google Applications To Share and Collaborate”, and “Technology, Social Media, and Strategy for Performers, Artist, and Similar Creative Personalities”.

Each is provided in a case-study and example format and include interactive question and answers to help businesses and individuals see where they can apply the tools and strategies in their own business.

About Matthew Moran
Matthew Moran is the author of, The IT Career Builder’s Toolkit: Your Complete Guide To Building Your Technology Career In Any Economy (published by Cisco Press) and numerous articles on business, technology, and professional development. He is a keynote and workshop speaker–having presented for Prentice Hall, McDonald’s Corporation, and numerous other companies, colleges & universities, and business organizations.

About The Songwriter & Social Media Tour
The Songwriter & Social Media Tour is a series of interactive business workshops put together by songwriter Matthew Moran as he tours in support of his current CD.

Workshops will be co-branded, co-marketed, and co-sponsored by colleges, business organizations, and private companies and will be provided a venues ranging from university campuses, coffeehouses, and private homes.

The workshops are designed to provide case-study style information and will involve a high-degree of interaction and audience participation; providing an opportunity for the attendees to brainstorm and apply the strategies and tools to their own businesses.

For additional information, go to Matt’s website:

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