DubLi Overview On-Demand Webinar

Take a look…Below is the link to the new overview Webinar, which is available from the Web on-demand, featuring Tom Ashlock. If it does not perform as a hot-link, simply copy & paste into your web browser address bar. It’s about 50 minutes long and plays streaming over the Internet. There  is also a PDF file (about 5M compressed) available upon request, in case you can’t stream off of the Web:


Check out my DubLi site directly at:


If you’d like to participate in the auctions themselves or find out more about the opportunity, feel free to drop me a message.


2 thoughts on “DubLi Overview On-Demand Webinar

    1. I’m currently building my frontline network and learning about the new products…like the Shopping portal! It’s a great opportunity…IMHO…one of the best! Thx…:)

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