Twitter collaborative writing experiment

I had an idea this morning; in the restricted 140 character context, can…and will…a group of writers contribute to a story? If so, on what topic would such a group enjoy collaborating? Romance and murder-mysteries seem to be popular, but neither interest me much. Perhaps if I start something that interests me, others who follow me will be inspired to also contribute.
So, I’m starting this conversation with the hopes that others will also want to join in. I’ll give it a few days to ‘cook’ and then start writing to see if the experiment can take off.


One thought on “Twitter collaborative writing experiment

  1. I was hoping to get some comments about this ‘writing experiment’…evidently, I’ve gotten some page views, no comment (besides this one) so far. Perhaps I’ll just think of a title, genre and basic storyline, start it here on my blog and then track it with a hashtag…sound interesting, hope so!

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